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Classic Transmitter: More Recollections

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2006-01-24: Classic Transmitter: More Recollections

Hideous Art

This is the only original chunk of Classic Transmitter in colour. From my sketchbook, long ago. Crayola coloured pencils and probably Uniball ink.

Enjoy the madness!

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{{title-text: Suitcase Frenzy}}

[[Devil has a suitcase and he shows it off.]]

[[Devil opens the suitcase.]]

[[Devil wears the suitcase. Boy laughs.]]

 {{title-text: The Cat's Water}}

[[Rabid is happy!]]

[[Dr Quickly is skinny.]]

[[Rabid wants to show Rabish something.]]

[[Rabish sees the cat's water.]]

[[The cat is very very fat.]]

 {{title-text: The Finger's Eye}}

[[Devil wants a friend.]]

[[Devil meets the Finger's Eye.]]

[[The Finger's Eye explains something.]]

[[Devil and the Finger's Eye have a gay old time together.]]

[[Boy is jealous.]]

[[The Finger's Eye doesn't care.]]

[[Boy goes home to sulk.]]

 {{title-text: Beasts with Shells}}

[[A turtle is complaining.]]

[[The turtle walks around, complaining some more.]]

[[Devil doesn't understand.]]

[[A snail explains the problem to Devil.]]

[[Devil understands!]]

 {{title-text: Bun Kid is Delicious}}

[[Bun Kid meets a very large bird.]]

[[The bird eats Bun Kid.]]

 {{title-text: Bun Kid Makes A Friend}}

[[Bun Kid meets an orange thing.]]

[[Bun Kid talks to the orange thing.]]

[[The orange thing never responds.]]

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