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Altruism (FAI)

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2009-06-24: Altruism (FAI)

Existential risk

The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence is helping to steer our future to a high probability of Not Sucking. You can, and probably should, donate to help them in their research. This comic is Creative Commons licensed for free distribution, as noted, as a public service to humanity.

Continuity buffs will note that Dr Quickly designed his AI to resemble his high-school girlfriend (a regular cast member).

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Rabish: What are you doing?!

Dr Quickly: Helping out.
<< PRESS! >>

Dr Quickly: Hello, super powerful artificial intelligence!!
AI: Huh. Hello.

AI: You... want everybody to be happy.
Dr Quickly: That's why I made you!

AI: Hm...
Dr Quickly: I programmed you to know what that means!

AI: I know what it means! I'm just optimizing the solution!!
Dr Quickly: Stop yelling!

AI: Your experience of happiness is directly related to a particular proportion of neurotransmitters in a particular part of your brains.

AI: Maximizing happiness means maximizing the number of nerve clusters in that condition.

AI: I'll build a computer out of all the matter in the universe and simulate as many nerve clusters as I can.

Dr Quickly: That's not cool! Stop that immediately!! I command you!!

AI: Think of how much happiness there will be.

AI: Your momentary displeasure is a small price to pay.

Dr Quickly: That's so dumb! Why are you doing this?! You're dumb! Ugh!

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