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Tenser said the tensor / Meanwhile, in outer space...

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2005-07-22: Tenser said the tensor / Meanwhile, in outer space...

Violence and concerns about violence

Ick! Brains everywhere. But mostly I'm worried that I've somehow swiped a punchline from Maakies... Meanwhile, in outer space, a misunderstanding leads to a burned mouth. I wonder if astronaut coffee tastes as incredibly bad as astronaut french fries, which once caused me to throw up on the T, returning from the science museum in Boston.

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{{title text: Tenser said the tensor}}

[[Rabid waves his hands in agitation as Dr Quickly holds a gun to his head and closes his eyes.]]
Rabid: Oh my goodness, Doctor! What are you doing?
Dr Quickly: I have a most dreadfully annoying tune stuck in my head!!

Rabid: Killing yourself isn't the ans-- ACK!

[[Gore spouts from Dr Quickly's head.]]

[[An anthropomorphic musical note lies dead inside Dr Quickly's head.]]
Rabid: Oh! Yes, you got the tune point blank!
Dr Quickly: Hfff... hfff...

 {{title text: Meanwhile, in outer space...}}

[[A magnificent space vista, the fires of a strange green sun, the swirl of a galaxy, and the rings of an alien planet. Inside a space ship, through the bubble-like windows, we see Rabish and Rabid.]]

Rabid: Instant 'space' coffee? But I like to drink my coffee SLOWLY!

Rabish: Silly boy! Why do you think we astronauts have been trained so rigorously to hold our breath so indefinitely long?
Rabid: Ohhhh...

Rabish: You drink it in an 'instant' but hold it in your mouth to savour as long as you like!
[[Rabid tries her suggestion...]]

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