Patchstravaganza Page 17: Frog Blast The Vent Core

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2009-08-12: Patchstravaganza Page 17: Frog Blast The Vent Core


Gonna rake in the advertising dollars now that I've got a sex-change transformation theme.

Today and tomorrow, voting at TopWebComics not only amplifies my signal strength by exposing these weird little comics to more people, it also rewards you, the voter, with a whole danged comic! About a barbeque gone HORRIBLY WRONG!

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Dr Quickly: If this machine works, it should make a "perfect" simulacrum of Rabish!!

Dr Quickly: Perfect... and HOT FOR ME!!

<< ZAM! >>

Dr Quickly: What the?!

Dr Quickly: Huh!

Dr Quickly: I KNEW it was a good idea to bring this full-length mirror!

Dr Quickly: And these sensual massage oils!

Rabid: He used to be such a nice guy! Not creepy at all!
Rabish: What happened to him?

Rabid: Maybe all the time travel deranged him?

Rabish: We should help him! Assemble the team!

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