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Time Paradox (will)

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2009-10-12: Time Paradox (will)

What do you mean, paradox?

So the universe in which my comics take place is a fixed temporal entity, like ours. Yeah, like ours! A timeless mathematical object that seems to have time because that's "what it feels like from the inside".

But I'll do my best to live up to this week's suggestion. Anyway, there's no reason it can't SEEM like there's time travel changing things, it's just not likely to happen very often / in very many places (same thing).

And if you vote at Top Web Comics you can see the gory Alternate Ending to this very strip. Maybe it's from... an alternate timeline? Nah.

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Rabid: Hi! I'm from the future!!
Rabish: You... you just squashed yourself!

Rabid: But I don't REMEMBER that HAPPENING!!

Rabid: I bet I left myself a fortune in my will!!

Dr Quickly: According to the laws of our, as you so eloquently put it, "primitive-ass chump-wad civilization"...

Dr Quickly: At death the assets of a known time traveller are seized for redistribution by the state.

Dr Quickly: At the expense of the next available "instance" of the time traveller, of course.

Rabid: Do you accept FUTURE MONEY?
Dr Quickly: Oh! Ha ha, you misunderstand.

[[ Rabish leaves flowers in memory of Rabid at a Secret Government Research Laboratory. ]]

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