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Time Paradox (skynet vs. atlantis)

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2009-10-16: Time Paradox (skynet vs. atlantis)

The problem with the terminator

Okay so you want a "paradox with terrible ramifications" story how about Terminator. That is one messed up time travel system. Consider this particular comic here at Name Removed my submission to Dark Horse as Chief Writer of Terminator Stories. I can do it right.

And if you vote at Top Web Comics you can see a story from a few timeline shifts down the road, a few "ret-cons" further in the battle against Skynet. Seriously, like a whole other comic.

At the request of a reader, constantinoperable, made via the suggestions box which appears on every page, there is now a Random Comic feature on the site. Enjoy!

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Rabish: Oh no! Another death robot from the future!!
Rabid: Hi!

Rabid: Come with me if you want to live!
Rabish: Well... okay!

Rabot: Ooooh! Darn you guys! I'm going to go back farther in time and REALLY cook your bacon!!

Dr Quickly: We don't serve naked folk in this here wild-west saloon.
Rabot: Your old-timey beverages are irrelevant!! Direct me to the nearest hardware store!

Sheriff Rabid: That thar's an unlicensed industrial facility in that thar secluded valley. I best check it out.

Rabid: We're totally far back enough in time for my plan to work!

Rabot: Here, I'll just squeeze your head until it pops.
Rabid: My Atlantean ancestors forsaw this day and made a weapon that has been passed down through the ages.

Rabot: Oh come on, I'm not remote contro--
<< BEEP >>

<< LAZE! >>

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