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Rabish Quits Cooking (an Entertainment News Exclusive)

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2009-10-19: Rabish Quits Cooking (an Entertainment News Exclusive)

Cooking is fun

That's a right nasty eraserhead chicken she's got there. But Rabid finds himself thriving as a food presenter! Good for him.

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Rabish: This chicken is BULLSH--

[[ "Technical Difficulties" We'll be right back! ]]

Rabid: Uh hi uh I'm filling in for Rabish uh I'm Rabid uh this is uh a chicken we'll do cooking on it now okay.

Rabid: If you can see the chicken, there's not enough salt on it.
<< shhhhhhhhshhshhh >>

Rabid: Make an easy pie crust from eggs, brown sugar, and yeast flakes.

Rabid: Instead of roasting, you can leave it under a desk lamp for a few weeks.

Rabid: Thanks for watching! That was a lot of fun. Hope I get to see you next week!
[[ Coming up next: Entertainment News: Our top story tonite: WHERE'S RABISH? ]]

Dr Quickly: In a shocking turn of events, famed cooking star Rabish quit her show in a fit of pique over a busted-ass chicken.
Noel: That's right!

Noel: Apparently she is also being fined for the choice language she brought to bear on the bird.
Dr Quickly: Let's hope her cookbook royalties can cover that!

Noel: Stay tuned after this short commercial break: has Space Frog's new reality show gone TOO FAR?
[[ EATING BELOVED CELEBRITIES premieres 8PM this wednesday on DRQTV ]]

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