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Rabish Quits Cooking (comfort food)

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2009-10-21: Rabish Quits Cooking (comfort food)

Eat it!

You might think that Rabish is done doing fancy cooking just because she brought home a lot of ready-made cuisine. But you'd be wrong! Not only is she putting Frito-Lay Fritos ® Chili Cheese Dip in her General Mills Betty Crocker ® Old El Paso ® Taco, take a look at her spread in the last panel!

Of course she's starting with a six-pack of White Castle ® Hamburgers. But to her right is a bowl of Sanyo Foods Sapporo Ichiban ® Beef Flavor Instant Noodle that has been seasoned with a packet of Knorr ® French Onion Soup Mix. Delicious!

And in front of the hamburgers is a savoury poutine made from McCain ® Straight Cut French Fried Potatoes and General Mills Betty Crocker ® Hamburger Helper ® Bacon Cheeseburger Macaroni! What could possibly be more appetizing?!

It's not really a good idea to eat all that stuff at once, though.

This is fun: you can see how Rabish is doing the next morning, and learn her recipe for DELICIOUS grilled cheese sandwiches, by voting at Top Web Comics.

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Rabish: I can't do this.

[[ Rabid arrives home, haggard, with shopping bags full. ]]

<< bublbl bulublb >>
<< shk shk >>
[[ As two kettles pipe, Rabish empties a bag of McCain Straight Cut French Fried Potatoes onto a World Kitchen Baker's Secret baking sheet. ]]

[[ Rabish pours water into a Nissin Cup Noodles Chicken and Vegetable Flavour while the McCain Straight Cut French Fried Potatoes and a Kraft Foods Tombstone Original Pepperoni Pizza bake in the oven. ]]

[[ Rabish starts cooking some Kraft Foods Kraft Dinner noodles in one pot, and the noodles of a Sanyo Foods Sapporo Ichiban Beef Flavor Instant Noodle in another. ]]

[[ Rabish starts the timer on some General Mills Pillsbury Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza Pops while a Pinnacle Foods Swanson Hungry-Man Salisbury Steak cooks in the microwave below. ]]

[[ Rabish stuffs Frito-Lay Fritos Chili Cheese Dip in her General Mills Betty Crocker Old El Paso Taco. ]]

[[ Rabish pours herself a wineglass of Diet Dr Pepper. ]]

Rabish: To my retirement!

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