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Rabish Quits Cooking (abandon capital)

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2009-10-23: Rabish Quits Cooking (abandon capital)

Fay ce que voudras

Well it's true: every aspect of our culture is tainted by the systemic need to make exchange value the basic metric. The enzyme corrodes popular culture first, and eventually tears everything down to be rebuilt. Rest assured in the eutopia there will still be baristas, but for a while it won't make sense to be one.

Not until the future baristas figure out why they should do that even though there's "opportunity cost" with every movement through life.

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Rabish: I'm wasting my life...

Radio Announcer: It seems Rabish's resignation has had a profound and immediate effect on the television industry, as the vast majority of those employed in the field have left with the rest projected to follow. No word on how the "pied piper" herself is faring...

Radio Announcer: ... and if you're worried us radio folks are going to quit too then maybe you should stop being so self-centered! GOODBYE FOREVER!
Dr Quickly: Ha! I got zinged!!

Noel: Hey, that's why I gave up my lucrative career in erotic fiction!

Rabid: It's really nice to be able to enjoy a Venti(tm) Starbucks(tm) Java Chip Frappuchino(tm) without the godawful in-store music blaring.
Rabot: Yeah...

Rabot: But imagine how much better it'd be if you made it yourself!

Rabid: You don't need to pay for your groceries.
Rabish: I... why? I didn't do anything special.

Rabid: Ha! I do recognize you, but it's our new store policy: take what you want, considering the needs of others.
Rabish: Swell!

[[ Another happy society evolving into eutopian post-capitalism thanks to the healthy action and great taste of DR QUICKLY brand PEACEFUL ANARCHO-SOCIALIST REVOLUTION ENZYME!! now available in gel-cap! ASK YOUR PHARMACIST TODAY!! ]]

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