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Mustard Genie (is the hardest part of the level)

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2009-11-04: Mustard Genie (is the hardest part of the level)


There should be more video games about peaceful exploration. Building mental maps of beautiful and fantastic architecture is one of my favourite pastimes and it's a darn shame I usually have to take on the persona of a psychotic mass-murderer to do it.

On that note, if you vote at Top Web Comics you can see the Score Result Screen for Rabid's attempt at this level.

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[[ A soldier is dead on the ground some distance from a smoking crashed airplane. ]]

[[ More soldiers are dead next to the airplane and a discarded parachute. A grappling hook is attached to a line running down a cliff. In the distance, across a jungle, is a strange castle. ]]

[[ The castle seen from a gap in the trees, in the jungle. ]]

[[ A ninja is dead by a stream in the jungle. ]]

[[ Up the steps to the castle, many dead soldiers. ]]

[[ By a gate and a fountain, many more dead soldiers. ]]

[[ Inside the castle, a secret passage has been revealed. A scientist with a raygun lies disembowelled. ]]

[[ A tricky navigation of traps and corridors. ]]

[[ A hefty soldier with a minigun is impaled by a support shaft. ]]

<< SQUICH >>
[[ Rabid, waist deep in mustard, is squirting a bottle. ]]

[[ It only contained mustard. To the next bottle! ]]

<< SQUICH >>
[[ There are a lot of bottles to check. ]]

[[ A very large amount of bottles still to check. ]]

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