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Tangerine (like in the old days)

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2009-12-09: Tangerine (like in the old days)

Series Seven Number Three

It feels really good to be using a real proper brush again. Before last week's computer comics I had been using brush markers.

Desperonto is one of those cities where if you're not really careful to stay on the track of your current adventure, small or large, you'll get caught up in another and end up somewhere completely unexpected. Today's comic continues the story of the last comic, for example.

Vote at top web comics to see a "meme" I made years ago, back before there were "memes" and it's pretty funny! I almost bought it its own domain back in the day. Like a lemon party you could invite your parents to.

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Rabid: They must have put these stairs in while I was at the groer!

Rabid: Oh, and this was a road.

Rabid: Darn it! I must have gotten lost... I better find a landmark.

Rabid: Hmmm...

Custodian: Recognize anything?
Rabid: No, but thanks for letting me go up and look around.

Custodian: Good luck!
Rabid: Thanks! Bye!

Custodian: Oh, he dropped a fruit... is that a murcott? I haven't seen one of those since... since...

Custodian: Hey! Wait up, kid!!

Custodian: Which way did he go? I don't recognize this park at all...

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