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Sore Throat (has dire consequences)

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2009-12-16: Sore Throat (has dire consequences)

Secret fear

What was that story, about a kid who gets the flu and it takes over his body? Scared me witless as a child. This is more frightening, of course, but could only happen in a world radically UNLIKE the one in my comics. A world like OURS.

I mean, if I got taken over by a parasite and didn't notice the transition, in our world no-one would think I was me any more. How awful!

I'm still sick... bleh!

Vote at top web comics to see a funny comic I did years ago. Yup. Same one.

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Rabid: Ugh I have a terrible sore throat.

Dr Quickly: Oh my!!

Dr Quickly: You have a terrible advanced parasitic infection. We have to operate immediately.

Rabid: OWWWW

Dr Quickly: The operation was a success! We've already started growing your replacement parts.
Rabid: Thank goodness.

Dr Quickly: I'm not talking to YOU, parasite!!

[[ The parasite is incinerated at the Fruitopia Medical Waste Incinerator of Sony Bravia Experimental Research Hospital, which is too cheap to hire a proper sign-maker seriously look at that double hyphen. ]]

Rabid: Moving in together? That must have been the PARASITE'S idea -- last I remember, I was a SWINGIN' BACHELOR!!

[[ Rabid's ruse is unconvincing. ]]

Rabid: I'm pretty sure it was the PARASITE who agreed to scoop the cat litter!

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