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Quickly's Lousy Futon (through time)

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2010-02-17: Quickly's Lousy Futon (through time)

history comics

I am jumping on the bandwagon of history comics all the cool kids are doing it. Cool kids like Kate and KC gosh that is four big shoes to measure up to?

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[[ The kids and Dr Quickly travel through time on a time futon. ]]

Rabish: Wow! The Italian Peninsula in the thirteen-hundreds!
Rabid: The birth of the renaissance!!

Rabid: This is going to be the best research paper int he history of our school!!

Rabish: Wow! It must be Petrarch!!
[[ it is a t-rex ]]

Dr Quickly: No! Wait for the kids to come back you useless time-bed!!
[[ the t-rex eats rabid ]]

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