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Tea is pretty good stuff.

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2005-07-26: Tea is pretty good stuff.

Failures of science turned to my comedic advantage

The notable feature of this strip is the falling-backward take. I forget the TECHNICAL name for it. Truly many of the great comic strips of old feature this reaction to the punch-line, yet: this is not an homage. It is simply the only possible reaction Rabid could have had to Dr. Quickly's ridiculous and distasteful revelation.

A collapse-take? Fall-take? Consider the daily newspaper strip Cathy: wouldn't it be quite wonderful if instead of the typical "ACK!" she is always relying on, she would occasionally disappear nearly entirely out of the last panel, (badly shaved) legs up in the air, rips in her stockings, her boyfriend holding a television remote control made out of delicious pastry? Is that what the jokes are like? I don't remember.

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Dr Quickly: Rabid, lad! Would you care for a cup of fresh tea?
Rabid: Oh, I would! Sounds lovely!
Dr Quickly: EXCELLENT!

Dr Quickly: Fruitbase or teabush?
Rabid: ... You means 'herbal'?
Dr Quickly: In a sense, certainly!
Rabid: Fruitbase, then!

Dr Quickly: Here you are, then!
Rabid: Gracias!

Rabid: PFUAGH! It steams... yet is COLD!!

Dr Quickly: You fool! Do you not recognize the superior intelligence of a mad scientist?!
Rabid: What?!

Dr Quickly: Why, I've perfected COLD INFUSION!!

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