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Fund Holing (Ravish's Raincoat)

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2010-03-15: Fund Holing (Ravish's Raincoat)


This was one of the most challenging suggestions I've ever received. I think, after almost a year on the queue, I've figured it out.

As usual, the notes and sketches for this comic are available for perusal if you vote at Top Web Comics.

Oh, this is another week-long story, I think.

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This begins a storyline which spans the following comics:

2010-03-15 Fund Holing
Fund Holing (Ravish's Raincoat)
2010-03-17 Fund Holing (in the real world)
2010-03-19 Fund Holing (with Real Money Trading)

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Bad Ecksmas: At least it stopped raining for a few minutes. Why is it always raining when we get called out at night?
Dr Quinky: It's a genre trope, unless you get to work in LA.

Dr Quinky: That's a women's coat... our stiff's a crossdresser?
Bad Ecksmas: What the hell is THIS thing?!

Dr Quinky: Well... maybe... it's a clue?
Bad Ecksmas: I'm calling the bomb squad.

Radot: Lab tests show it's a goddamn rock. No sign of what's causing this, uh, effect.

Dr Quinky: We got an ID from the coat, some coed named Ravish. I'm going to send a couple of you flatheads knocking at her door.

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