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Escape Phrase 11

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2006-02-22: Escape Phrase 11

Delicious Pizza.

Oh, the social satire!

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Voicemail: Thank you for calling emergency 911. Pizza-Pizza(tm) time is 6:15pm. Please hold, and you will be placed with an operator in the order we received the call.

Voicemail: While you're holding, we'd like to tell you about some of the exciting new specials you can order from Pizza-Pizza(tm).

Voicemail: Sometimes it feels like a 911-worthy emergency when you're hungry! Why not try the new MEAT HUMPIN' deluxe pizza?

Voicemail: With twelve kinds of meat, it's sure to satisfy even the most CRIMINAL hunger! Order it today!

Voicemail: Thank you for holding. If you'd like us to deliver a delicious Pizza-Pizza(tm) dinner combo with the arrival of a police officer, please press ONE, now.

Voicemail: Please calmly state the nature of your situation in four or fewer words.
Jimothy: Tsam -- she's gone... she's...
Voicemail: Thank you...

Voicemail: We do not have any responses available that match your request. Perhaps you are hungry?
Jimothy: NO.

Voicemail: Please calmly restate the nature of your situation in four or fewer words.
Jimothy: My friend, she's gone...

Voicemail: We are matching your request. Please hold.

Voicemail: Please clarify: is she a friend, or MORE than a friend?
Jimothy: What? That's inappropriate!

Voicemail: We were just curious. Your location is known, and an emergency response team is on its way.
Jimothy: Thank goodness.

Voicemail: Wait, don't hang up -- are you sure you don't want a pizza?

Jimothy: Jeez. Tsam -- are you okay?


Jimothy: Gah! Please stop it! Go back to normal!

Tsamantha: I -- what's wrong? If you don't want to tell me what the phrase was, I understand.

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