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Escape Phrase 12

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2006-02-24: Escape Phrase 12

End of an era

Thus ends chapter one of the super exciting saga!

Hey, look, it's Gustav Klimt slo-mo.

This comic is in the storyline:

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Jimothy: There's no time, we have to get out of here!
Tsamantha: Wha-- ?

Jimothy: It's bad -- it's worse -- it's -- come on!!
Tsamantha: Why? How come?

Jimothy: We're not SAFE here, I did something stupid and we--

Tsamantha: STOP.

Tsamantha: I can't HANDLE this. Everything is fucked up and just getting WORSE...

Tsamantha: ... and I think I really do need to just spend some time here...

Tsamantha: ...get my handles back on my pots. So -- I think you need to calm down... and...

Tsamantha: And maybe come back when you aren't so...
Jimothy: Tsam...

Jimothy: I'm sorry. I... the dream -- you're right. You don't need this.

Jimothy: I'll go -- I'll go.
Tsamantha: Hey...

Tsamantha: I'm not mad, Jim. I... really like you.

Tsamantha: It's just such an awful day. I need a rest.

Tsamantha: Please come back and see me soon.

Jimothy: Yeah... I...

Jimothy: I will...

[[Tsamantha is left alone in the room.]]

Tsamantha: Sigh.

[[Jimothy is riding an elevator.]]
Jimothy: Sigh.


[[Jimothy heads outside.]]

Jimothy: Now what? I guess... Home.

Jimothy: ... Uhhh... I... Where... the hell... do I live?

Jimothy: Wallet. ... no id... Phone booth!

[[A large fellow is using the phone booth.]]

Jimothy: ... Hey, uh--

Large Fellow: WAIT YER TURN!

Jimothy: ...

Jimothy: ...!!

Jimothy: I can't even remember my... MY LAST NAME!

Jimothy: ...

[[Jimothy looks up at the police building.]]
Jimothy: Oh! Tsam!

Jimothy: She'll know! But--

Jimothy: No, I'll go to her.

Jimothy: I'm scared.

[[Jimothy rides the elevator back up.]]


Jimothy: Tsam?

Jimothy: EMPTY!!

Jimothy: Where IS SHE?!



[[Jimothy runs for it.]]


[[The panels become too small to discern. Many many many panels go by.]]

Tsamantha: How did you find me?

Jimothy: It -- it wasn't easy.


Jimothy: Oh! Uh... Heh!

[[The panels shrink again.]]

[[Jimothy and Tsamantha are hiding in an alley.]]

Jimothy: No... We lost them.

Tsamantha: Thank goodness.

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