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Nothing But Space Frog (in Pellucidar)

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2010-04-23: Nothing But Space Frog (in Pellucidar)

true story

Lisa found this book at the local Goodwill. Well, actually, it's a Great Illustrated Classics version of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Hound of the Baskervilles. I hacked it!

Here's something fun: you can ask me questions at formspring. Ask me anything! Maybe there's a comic on this site that you want clarification about, or you want to know what sort of paper I draw on. I will try to be very prompt with my replies.

Vote at top web comics to enjoy some of the sketches I doodled as I wracked my mind to plot today's comic thing.

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[[ I hold a copy of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Pellucidar". A drawing of Rabid petting Space Frog is on the recto.]]
Book: His head as he paced beside me was level with my hip. I laid my hand upon it caressingly. As I did so he turned and looked up into my face, his jaws parting and his red tongue lolling as you have seen your own dog's beneath a love pat.

Book: "Just been waiting all your life to be tamed and loved, haven't you, old man?" I asked. "You're nothing but Space Frog, and the man who put the hyaeno in your name ought to be sued for libel."

Book: Raja bared his mighty fangs with upcurled, snarling lips and licked my hand.

Book: "You're grinning, you old fraud, you!" I cried. "If you're not, I'll eat you. I'll bet a doughnut you're nothing but some kid's poor old Fido, masquerading around as a real, live man-eater."

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