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Violent Video Games (a topic of conversation)

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2010-04-30: Violent Video Games (a topic of conversation)

streetcar talkin'

Rabid has a pretty good idea, making small talk about the idea of small talk. I'll have to try that.

Vote at top web comics to see my long writing struggle to come up with a good comic that wasn't too down on violent video games (which I do play, but ... it would be nice to enjoy vicarious exertion without involving exploding heads).

I've been having a lot of fun answering questions on formspring, feel free to keep asking!

Did you notice I hand lettered today's comic? Ha ha of course you did because you can't read it.

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Rabid: They're getting more mainstream -- it's just a matter of time.
Noel: I guess so.

Noel: But you look at, like, sports -- it's assumed you have a favourite team you want to talk about...
Rabid: Not everybody watches the same TV shows...

Rabid: ... and not everyone follows current events! But friendly small talk doesn't have to be about anything but what's right in front of you.

Rabid: Weather, traffic, the change of seasons, your commute...
Noel: Too banal! How will I ever connect with a stranger and make a new friend over the WEATHER?!

Rabid: You're still better off than saying "Frag any good noobs lately?"
Noel: Ha. Anyway, this is my stop -- nice talking to you...

Rabid: Yes, have a good day... XMASSACRE78!!

Noel: W-was that my online arch-nemesis, RABIDDOG88?!

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