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Rabid, trapped in an empty void (but not alone)

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2010-05-07: Rabid, trapped in an empty void (but not alone)

Justifiably concerned

Dr Quickly is nervous to be around such a venerable monster who, although clever, was dumb enough to pull innocent folks into the box instead of bootstrapping himself into a eutopia.

So a good question would be -- is that the real Rabish and Dr Quickly? What about outside the box?

You should go vote at top web comics because, even though there's no voting reward at this very moment as I type this, there will be later -- photos of a Secret Project rapidly nearing completion.

I'm in a hurry to finish it because I'm going to bring it to TCAF and, you know, give / sell / trade. You'll see. If you find me there, why not ask what I've got? I don't have a table or anything but I'll probably stand next to poor Mr. Stevens for several hours muttering friendly inanities... like last year.

I hope I make some friends this year!

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Rabish: Have you seen Rabid lately?
Dr Quickly: Eh? Nope.

Rabid: Wait - why is the light on in my thinking box?
Rabish: Your what?

Dr Quickly: It's -- well, it builds a high-speed pocket universe, sort of an amazingly powerful computer, and I can go in it when I need lots of time and math to solve difficult problems.

Dr Quickly: But it's programmed to only let you out when you've solved your problem... if he didn't have one in mind...

Dr Quickly: Well anyway it would have let him out by now -- billions of years have passed inside since you came in just now.

Rabid: Okay, pause the simulation and extract the sapients currently on-screen.

Rabid: Hey guys!
Dr Quickly: WHAT the ... !

Rabid: Turns out this thing has enough power to simulate entire universes!

Rabid: Sooo I kept trying until I found the one I came from! Ha!

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