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Hated New Character (the Political Cartoonist)

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2010-05-26: Hated New Character (the Political Cartoonist)

Simple english

Not really a fan of comics that explain themselves too much. Still, editorial cartoonists are low-hanging fruit.

And anyway, what sort of pissant solar system can't handle galactic taxation? The kind that isn't taxed, and gets regular rare-matter deliveries and other support our taxes pay for. Isn't the whole purpose of the Local Area Council to think in a large scale? Let them do their job.

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Rabid: Darn you, Space Frog! You'll pay for this, jerk!
Space Frog: HA HA


Rabid: RAAAA

Cartoonist: Gasp! Perfect!
Rabid: Huh?
Space Frog: WHAT

[[ Cartoonist puts a sign that says "LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER" on Rabid, a sign that says "EXTRASOLAR TAXATION" on Space Frog. ]]

[[ Cartoonist holds up a sign that says "INEVITABLE RESULT OF BILL 34C92 ON US FOLK" ]]
Cartoonist: My latest masterpiece!

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