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sky ship (quest)

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2010-07-26: sky ship (quest)

Adventure central right here

I should probably just draw big crazy complicated adventure comics but I just got a great idea for a novel and you probably noticed that the second issue of my minicomic is a bit late so I should really knuckle down and focus.

On something?!

like voting at top web comics maybe! For a drawing I did figuring out which suggestion to use today.

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Dr Quickly: The sky ship is FALLING?! That's absurd, insane, impossible, ridiculous! It could NEVER fall -- the gods protect it and ANYWAY it's a FAIRY TALE for BABIES and what would YOU know ANYWAY?!

Rabid: I have... the GEEGAW of REVELATION!

Dr Quickly: Wasn't there a prophecy or some shit?
Noel: Beats me!

Dr Quickly: Okay kid you're not in trouble or anything... but NO QUESTING, got it?

Rabid: Maybe I should have listened...

Rabish: Quit moonin' over yer doomed civilization an' lend a hand!

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