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Best Of: Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (garden)

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2010-09-06: Best Of: Classic Transmitter: A bomb! (garden)

Not A Vacation

Much to my dismay, time constraints continue to strangle my grand plans. So, in lieu of guest comics (which I haven't had time to ask for (plus I'm shy)), collections of rejected panels (which still takes a lot of work!), or even on-the-fly doodles of a charming nature (not even any time for that!), here is a month of Name Removed Highlights. Enjoy my personal selection of favourite comics, with commentary, and a promise: October will see a renewed investment of energy not only in this website, but the associated whirlwind of promotional items and printed matters. In the mean time, you can of course still ask me questions on formspring, interact with me on the comic's Facebook page, and email me until the cows come home. I will respond promptly.

This comic was originally posted 2009-05-20 as Classic Transmitter: A bomb (garden)

So. Classic Transmitter. Recall, as usual, that these comics are to be read from right to left. This particular comic was clearly drawn in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere than we live in now: it's almost four times the height of the more recent comics on this site. The uncharacteristic rough shading was done in Photoshop using a charcoal brush, an effect I hope to explore more in the future. The suggestion is nearly unique in that it specifically requested the Classic Transmitter scenario. It was a real delight to return to the alien antics with a specific story seed in mind.

Note that in Classic Transmitter comics, sound effects are given the same graphic significance as speech acts. I wonder if that's important!!

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Originally posted 2009-05-20

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