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Idea for a Comic (actually jam)

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2010-12-17: Idea for a Comic (actually jam)

Jam making

These three comics are actually more "jam" comics from San Francisco. What a good time!

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Noel: What'cha doin'?
Rabot: I got an idea for a COMIC!

Noel: A COMIC?! Gimme that!

Noel: Hmmm

[[ Rabid cuts his arm off while cooking. ]]
<< CHOP! >>

[[ He fries it to keep it fresh. ]]

[[ He finds some false eyelashes. ]]

<< BEAUTY... GET!! >>
Rabid: Perfect!!
[[ He puts the eyelashes on the hand and glues it to his head. ]]

[[ Rabish notices the blood loss, later. ]]

Rabish: Hold still!
[[ She bandages him. ]]

Rabish: You just rest over here until you feel better... shouldn't miss this amazing sexy decoration...
<< YOINK ... >>

<< POIT >>
Rabish: Heh hehe

Noel: Something's different... did you cut your hair?

<< TOSS >>
Noel: Pretty awful!
Rabot: !

Noel: Let me show you how it's done...


[[ A dildo and condom lie on the sidewalk at his feet. ]]

Dude: I'll just reach down and -- WHA?!
<< WHOOSH! >>


Noel: Not bad, eh?
Rabot: ?!

Noel: Ooh got another idea! For the TEEN SUPERNATURAL ROMANCE market.

Noel: This is why you're not rich and famous like me.


Boy: Friggin angels! Knock it off.

Girl: WHO are you talking to?
Boy: ~m-my crush! she spoke to me!

<< ZOOM >>
[[ Corgi Dildo-Thief strikes again! ]]

Noel: Pretty cool, huh?

<< TOSS >>

Noel: Y-yeah go run away 'cause my comics are SCARY good! Go on!

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