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Rabot's Alone (permutation)

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2011-03-23: Rabot's Alone (permutation)

Just like in books

Rabot is using the "Paul Durham Technique" for hacking your way out of a universe that's running out of steam. Like in "Permutation City", by Greg Egan.

It's not really a very good idea, since you can't guarantee anything about your destination other than it will think it's you. No guarantee that all your ideas and memories and beliefs will carry over. Scary, eh?

Scarier: it's probably happening to you right now! If it works at all, anyway.

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Rabot: Well... here goes...

[[ Rabot uses the "Konami Code". ]]

[[ The universe is empty, now. ]]

Rabot: Ohhh ow...

Passerby: Mister, don't move -- the ambulance will be here in a-
Rabot: I'm FINE, I just...

Rabot: MEAT?! A MEAT body? There's no WAY my whole mind fits in a MEAT brain! This SUCKS!!

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