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Quickly Mistaken

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2011-05-13: Quickly Mistaken

Long read

Okay, here's a big old comic!

And another announcement: Name Removed is switching to a new update schedule. From now on, new comics will appear on this site Approximately Weekly. It'll be fun!

See, TCAF taught me a valuable lesson: I need to make amazing things that are amazing! And slamming together stuff I'm not happy with to meet a deadline three times a week is holding me back. This is a change for the better.

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Rabish: Mmmyes?

Rabot: By the royal decree of Prince Handsome...

Rabot: All... uh... elibagle bachulors and... uh... bachulesses are hereby SUMMONED TO ATTEND...

Rabot: A Grand Ball Party Dance-Off Challenge to Win His Heart!
Rabid and Rabish: No way!

Rabot: Here's yer invite. NO dorks or losers, of COURSE. Fancy dress, bathe first, etc. etc.
Rabid: Oh of COURSE!

Li'l BEefy: Wow, you guys seem super-excited!

Rabish: Shut UP loser! You're not invited!!
Rabid: Clean this dumb room again, LOSER!

Li'l Beefy: Again?

Rabot: Workin' hard... deliverin' letters!

Dr Quickly: So... you delivered it?
Rabot: Oh! Sir, you startled me!

Rabot: I certainly did! And... perhaps in lieu of the gold you promised... are there any additional invitations?

Dr Quickly: Sure, there's one back in this shady, secluded alleyway...
Rabot: Lead on!

<< KA-ZAP >>

Rabish: We're going now, LOSER!
Rabid: Gonna bag us a PRINCE!

Rabish: Don't stay up, except to CLEAN more!

Li'l Beefy: I'll NEVER get to go to a party or meet a prince or not be a LOSER!

<< Creeak! >>

[[ Dr Quickly is burgling. ]]

Li'l Beefy: Hey MISTER!

Li'l Beefy: Are you my FAIRY GOD-MOTHER?
Dr Quickly: Uhh...

Dr Quickly: Actually... yes. Climb into my magic bag, and I'll fly you to the Grand Ball.

Li'l Beefy: Wow!

Dr Quickly: Gotta toss the right bag...

Dr Quickly: Make a wish, kid!
Li'l Beefy: Oh boy!

<< SPLASH >>

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