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Escape Phrase 28

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2006-04-03: Escape Phrase 28

No news

I really have nothing to say. Oh well.

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[[Dr Quickly is explaining an idea he had.]]
Dr Quickly: You know that feeling? "If I only knew then what I know now"... I figured I should DO something about it. Spent a lot of time thinking about it, trying to figure out how. Fantasizing...

Dr Quickly: I decided just copying my brain into my childhood self made the most sense -- I wouldn't have to worry about trusting myself and all, plus if I did it right when I got a head injury I could pass off the obvious changes in affect as mild brain damage.

Dr Quickly: But, after planning it for years I realized (or came to believe) that I'd already done it. Dozens of times! Here I was, sitting on lifetimes of experience and knowledge and nothing really to show for it. It was a difficult dream to give up.

[[Jimothy and Tsamantha are confronting Dr Quickly about his revelation that they are  figments of someone's imagination, sort of.]]
Jimothy: So we're just ROBOTS? Like in my DREAM?!
Dr Quickly: Oh, uh, I don't know. Maybe! Or this is a computer simulation or you're clones or something. It was a long time ago and I wasn't really involved in the implementation. Wasn't interesting.
Tsamantha: You don't KNOW if this is REAL?
Dr Quickly: My dear, of COURSE this is real.

Dr Quickly: Just because the underlying bedrock of your experiential universe might not be, you know, something you've come by honestly doesn't mean you're FAKE. It's one of those things you have to just walk away from.

Dr Quickly: If this world is... fraudulent... it doesn't mean good deeds aren't good deeds. HOW you feel doesn't change WHAT you feel. YOU get to decide what you are, even with all my fancy talk about your magical fates. Do you want any cookies?

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