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Escape Phrase 36

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2006-04-21: Escape Phrase 36

That's pretty good.

I'm using real (tube) watercolours now, not a 15-year-old box of Crayolas. Much easier to work with.

How about those villanelles!

Also: I have begun the first slow climb of self-promotion, being now listed on "", and having a place on the "buzzComix!" ranking. Observe in the "Site Info" section a link to vote for this comic. By all means do so, but only once per day. I EXHORT YE PEOPLE!

That feels awkward.

This comic is in the storyline:

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[[JImothy and Tsamantha are walking down a street. Jimothy is reading
a transcript of their conversation with Tsamantha's mom.]]
Tsamantha: It's a nice neighbourhood.

Tsamantha: So you think we should go in?

Jimothy: I think it's part of what your mom was telling us to do.

[[The transcript follows:]]
J: Can't they, like, sense it?

P: Shush. Now:
  The danger you seek has eight hands.
  Despite how strange this world has become
  The truth waits in stranger lands.

  One pair had different plans
  But struggled under the other 6 thumbs:
  The danger you seek has eight hands.

  When drifting below the sands
  And your consciousness must succumb
  The truth waits in stranger lands.

  Authority seldom stands
  Alone; Adversary with it comes.
  The danger you seek has eight hands.

  Your edge expands.
  You both feel the beat of the larger drum.
  The truth waits in stranger lands.

  Fate makes its demands,
  You know, "Who knows what dreams may come".
  The danger you seek has eight hands.
  The truth waits in stranger lands.

  You must obtain your power.
  The time approaches for your debut,
  With every passing hour.

  In his tricky tower
  He told the two of you
  You must obtain your power.

  Since he was devoured
  This world is more askew
  With every passing hour.

  But the secret golden flower --
  How can it be imbued?
  You must obtain your power.

  It is the hidden bower
  That you must pursue
  With every passing hour

  The cruelty of Our
  Action's misconstrued
  With every passing hour.
  You must obtain your power.

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