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Customary Agent

Very very fancy. Drawn with a tablet. Many layers, much hard work. Too fancy, I think. And a cheap way of "solving" the detailed backgrounds problem. You can return to the list of old comics.

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Rabid: Travel's TRICKY these days.

Customs Agent: Well, you are a very observant person to NOTICE that.

Customs Agent: But, regardless, you must present satisfactory identification in order to pass through this security checkpoint.

Rabid: Well, I have a driver's license, and a birth certificate, and a health card, and a passport, and a signet ring, and mail I received with a recent postmark...

Rabid: Also, I have a bank card, a credit card, a deposit record book, a debit chit, certificate of legal residence, a library card, a video rental card...

Customs Agent: NONE of those suffice, not singly nor in complement.
Rabid: Well then what can I do?

Customs Agent: Well, do you EXIST?
Rabid: I... yes! Of course!!

Customs Agent: Then you may pass -- we are only concerned with and about IMAGINARY threats.

Customs Agent: NEXT, please!
Rabid: Grrr...

Customs Agent: Next? Hello? ... Who's there?

Customs Agent: Is there anyone there? At all? HELLO? ... Next! Next?!


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