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A Funny Joke

This comic was originally published in the Electric Big-Bang Swing Machine. The central joke came to me in a dream. You can return to the list of old comics.

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Rabid: Eat eat eat! Chew chew chew!

Dr Quickly: Look, Rabid, I told you -- I'm just not HUNGRY.
Rabid: Bah.

Rabish: "Bah humbug"? That means you're fired!

Rabid: Wow, Rabish, that was so cool! It sounded just like him!
Rabish: heh

Dr Quickly: Do another! Sound that way again!
Rabish: Ok!

Rabish: All you buttercup pantywaists better shape up or the slap end's gonna STICK!!

Rabid, Rabish, and Dr Quickly: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Rabid: Hoooo... Say, that puts me in mind of a joke...
Dr Quickly: hm!
Rabish: Oh?

Rabid: Yeah. Ok, here goes. A robot, plain old robot, goes into a bar...
Dr Quickly: A bar! How novel!

Rabid: It's all shakin' and shiverin', like it's really cold.
Rabish: For a robot, that's pretty cold...

Rabid: The bartended sees the miserable wretch and waves him to a seat at the bar.

Rabid: "What'll it be, mac?" "BZZT... I REQUIRE A FOOD ITEM PLEASE."
Dr Quickly: Ha! Just like a robot!

Rabid: Th'bartended pulls out a quart jar full of pickles and sets it on the bar.

Rabid: The robot -- with great difficulty, as it's still really twitchy -- takes out a single pickle and lays it on the bar.

Rabid: Well, hey! Suddenly the robot drinks down all the brine from the pickle jar!
Dr Quickly: hmmm...

Rabid: A door opens up on the front of the robot and a small, furry creature runs out, and out the front of the bar.

Rabid: The bartender is startled, if not stunned...
Rabish: No kidding!

Rabid: ... especially when the robot takes the pickle from the bar-top and places it in the cavity previously occupied by the furry thing.

Rabid: Note that the robot performs this action GRACEFULLY... no hint of its previous tremors.

Dr Quickly: Oh-h-h! I get it!
Rabid: !!!
Rabish: Well, don't ruin it!

Rabid: Anyway, the robot closes the little door on its chest and turns to the bartender to speak...
Dr Quickly: hee hee

Rabid: ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Rabish: WELL?

Rabid: The robot sighs, and looks the bartender in the eye, and says...


Rabid, Rabish, and Dr Quickly: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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