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Rabid: Let's go for a picnic, ok?
Rabish: Ok!

Rabish: Who should go on this picnic with us two?

Rabid: Well, we'll want Doctor Quickly to come along

Rabish: I think he's all we'll need. Let's go get the food! Oh boy! Yay!

Narrator: So, they got food together, and found Dr Quickly...

Dr Quickly: Sooooo... where are we going?
Rabid: Well...

Rabid: We could go to MARS!!

Dr Quickly: That's too long a hike for our pack-rabbits.

Rabish: Oh, let's go to the secondary lozenge grounds... S'lovely!

Rabid: Several hours have passed since we set out!!

Rabish: It is truely a lovely day!!

Dr Quickly: The pack-rabbits tire... let us rest awhile!

Rabid: We tarry long... why not stop HERE for the picnic?
Dr Quickly: Ha!

Baron: This is MY private property!!! What are you DOING here?!

Dr Quickly: We're just...
Baron: I DON'T CARE!

Baron: I'm going to BLOW you ALL UP!!

Rabid: I think that this is an unfortunate turn of events!

Dr Quickly: Oh no! Roc-wasps have stolen away our pack-rabbit!

Baron: Roc-wasps? I'm outta here! ... You interlopers better skedaddle, though!

Narrator: And skedaddle they did, 'cause they know what's good for them!!

Narrator: Because that creepy old man was none other than the nefarious and evil...


Narrator: But he doesn't figure in this story any more, so I guess it doesn't matter...

Rabish: Hey! We're on Mars after all!

Dr Quickly: Let's avoid asking how we got here, ok?

Rabid: Yeah, at least we got away from those creepy roc-wasps!

Rabish: And that even CREEPIER old guy... phew!

Dr Quickly: Yeah, things are looking good...

Dr Quickly: ... Real good!

<< BOOM! >>

Baron: Ha ha! I TOLD 'em! I told 'em I'd blow 'em all up! Ha!!

Narrator: Ooops... uh... How'd that happen?!

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