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Classic Transmitter: Keys in the Ignition / Trick Visor

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2005-08-12: Classic Transmitter: Keys in the Ignition / Trick Visor

Things are back to normal

After that horrible server crash all sorts of things were messed up but now it's all back to normal and good and happy and hurrah for that because more comics are coming all the time.

Also, I've recoloured the first few -- and am going to recolour the rest. Basically, today's is the first of the new style, sort of.

Sadly, the cast photos were lost. I am going to have to retake them. I'll do that, don't worry! I still have the weird cutouts I made.

Hey! Don't forget to read Classic Transmitter strips from right to left! They'll make... marginally more sense that way!

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{{title-text: Keys in the Ignition}}

[[Boy leans towards a many-legged device.]]

[[Boy addresses it respectfully, while Devil arrives on the scene looking nonplussed.]]

[[Boy crawls under the legs, which seems to shock Devil.]]

[[The device activates, with Boy at the helm. Devil is concerned for his own safety.]]

[[The device shoots a ray of powerful energy, cooking Devil where he stands.]]

[[The device flies up into the air trailing its legs like a tail. Steam and smoke rise from the remains of Devil.]]

[[A view of space, a moon in the background. The device floats by.]]

[[Devil is rather startled to be destroyed.]]

[[Boy either rejoices at his command of the machine, or is horrified at his lack of control. Hard to say.]]

 {{title-text: Trick Visor}}

[[Devil has a present.]]

[[Devil presently presents the present to Boy.]]

[[Boy wears the present on his head.]]

[[A view through the present -- some sort of goggles.]]

[[Something is wrong. Boy cries out but does not remove the goggles. Devil stands by, watching.]]

[[Triangular sections peel out of Boy's head. A strange light shines out of the goggles.]]

[[Blood spurts out as the sections rise from the senseless head of Boy.]]

[[The sections fly off as Boy slouches, lifeless.]]

[[Devil proudly summons the sections into a formation.]]

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