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The Bullshit Detector / Pressure

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2005-08-30: The Bullshit Detector / Pressure

Never again!

I am never again drawing a comic set in an airplane! That was way too much of a pain to draw. Ugh. It wouldn't be so bad if I could manage the discipline of actually drawing everything at the pencil stage and not freehanding madly with the pen. I guess that's what comes from years of drawing only with pen, in my sketchbooks. Badly.

Those're my parents in the second comic, aren't they! And there are birds making weird noises right outside my window.

I'm sorry about the cussing, I bet half of you are going to stop reading this now forever. It was necessary to make a point. I'm not sorry about the massive amounts of blood that seem to be involved in my comics recently. That's kind of weird, isn't it? Maybe I have Issues.

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{{title-text: The Bullshit Detector}}

Dr Quickly: Heyo, Rabid! Strut y'self over here an' glutton yer scopers on m'latest invention!
Rabid: Okay -- what is it?

Dr Quickly: Why, it is a bullshit detector!
Rabid: Extraordinary! Such a device could revolutionize any NUMBER of fields currently weighted down by falsehoodicatious mendicants!

Dr Quickly: Indeed!
Rabid: But -- does it work?
Dr Quickly: Of course!


 {{title-text: Pressure}}

[[A commercial jetliner soars above the ground.]]

Mom: Honey, ask Nicky how his headache is now that we're in the air...

[[Blood pours out of my head]]

Papa: I think he's sleeping!

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