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Soup Meal / Helping Hand

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2005-07-08: Soup Meal / Helping Hand

Two in One

I figure since I'm only updating twice a week, a four-panel comic isn't going to cut it. So, here are two four-panel comics. Here we have the first appearance (on this site) of Space Frog, as well as a charming story about nature.

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{{title text: Soup Meal}}

[[Rabid stands in his kitchen, beside a large metal pot resting on his old gas range.]]
Rabid: I am hungry for soup, so I shall make some in this pot.

[[Dr Quickly stands beside a projection screen which displays a chart comparing the size of the pot to the size of the planet Earth -- the pot is easily a quarter the size of the planet.]]
Dr Quickly: This diagram illustrates the extraordinary dimensions of this, 'the pot'.

[[Rabid waves a wooden spoon about as the contents of the pot heat up.]]
Rabid: I will cook PEOPLE! Yes, people of many lands!
<<melt! melt!>>

[[Suddenly, Space Frog rises out of the pot! Rabid flings the spoon into the air as he gasps in shock!]]

 {{title text: Helping Hand}}

[[Rabish, curiously limbless, writhes in panic on a grassy field.]]
Rabish: OH NO! Where could my arms and legs be? Where are they? Oh dear!

[[Spying her friend in the distance, she calls for help.]]
Rabish: Rabid! HELP!!
Rabid: Huh -- wha? Yikes!!

[[Rabid now standing beside his crippled friend, the two stare up into the branches of a nearby tree. A strange pink bird in the tree is carrying her limbs in its beak.]]
Rabish: Hey, that BIRD's got my limbs! Look!
Rabid: Huh.

[[Having found a ladder, Rabid carries his friend up to the branch where she can see the confused bird, sitting in its nest which is fleshed out with limbs.]]
Rabish: He's usin' them to build his nest! How cute!
Rabid: Aw!

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