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Box of Matches

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2005-07-12: Box of Matches

Kittens are good things

I don't really like the art in this one so I tried to spend more time on the colour to make up for it. Well, maybe the next comic will work better. Ha!

Note the new feature down at the bottom in the Misc. section: Highlights from Rejected Strips! Randomly a single panel from my highlights selections. Drawn badly, coloured hastily, hard to read, but still the best parts of those execrable mistakes that are not worth making featured comics!

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[[In the early morning light, Dr Quickly sits in a field reading a book, next to a large cardboard box on which the words "fREE KiTTENS" have been written.]]

[[Rabish arrives, and peers into the box.]]
Rabish: OH! Well aren't these just the CUTEST little things!
Dr Quickly: Yes.

[[Rabish hoists up a particlar brown kitten from the box.]]
Kitten: mow!
Rabish: I'm going to keep THIS one!!

[[Rabish sits with her kitten on a grassy spot, the kitten purring.]]
Rabish: Awww!

[[Rabid arrives.]
Rabid: Cool, you got a cat?
Rabish: Isn't he just the Most?
Rabid: Can I play with him for a bit?
Rabish: Sure!

[[Much later in the day, the sun sets behind a range of trees. Rabish sits glumly with her back against an old tree in the gathering gloaming. She misses her kitten.]]

[[Night has fallen by the time Rabid returns, and he hasn't got the kitten with him.]]
Rabish: Whe -- where's my cat?
Rabid: I'm... sorry... Dr Quickly said he made a mistake and the kittens weren't his to just... give away...

[[The kitten box is behind Rabid.]]
Rabid: So I bought them. All.
Various Kittens: mow! paroo! mro! pr!
Rabish: Whoa! Wow! My own whole BOX of kittens!

[[Rabish climbs into the box!]]
Rabish: HA HA! The kittens TICKLE!
Various Kittens: mrr! myo! nraw! mrow!

[[Dr Quickly stands in a supermarket aisle, muttering to himself.]]
Dr Quickly: Where DID I put those KITTENS?

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