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Revocation (smash)

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2007-06-01: Revocation (smash)


Sometimes I get stuck in a loop.

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Dr Quickly: This is ridiculous! I can't think of anything!! If I don't have anything awesome to shew the Association, they'll revoke my Mad License!

Rabid: Mornin', Doc! What's that neat thing you're wearing?
Dr Quickly: An INSPIRATION AMPLIFIER! It accelerates my lungs and brain to speed uptake of Divine Wind, the primal source of all creativity.
Rabid: Oh yeah? I'm eating a breakfast burrito.

Dr Quickly: Unfortunately, it is USELESS -- I invented it to help me invent something NOVEL but it is itself sufficient in that regard! What a worthless piece of junk!!

Dr Quickly: Now that I've destroyed it in a fit of rage, I need to rebuild it to help me think of something ELSE I could invent! Something NOT USELESS... unlike this useless device proved to be! ... A task for which this device is perfectly useful!

Rabid: In your mail is a package from the Association of Mad Scientists... should I open it for you?
Dr Quickly: No time for that!! Now that I have rebuilt this device AGAIN, we must smash it, as it is utterly useless!!

Rabid: "Special commendation for madness in science above and beyond the call of duty" -- you got a MEDAL!
Dr Quickly: NO TIME FOR THAT! Now that I have smashed this device it must be rebuilt! And smashed! Again! And again! AND AGAIN!!

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