Patchstravaganza Page 14: Time Travel

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2009-08-05: Patchstravaganza Page 14: Time Travel

Mutable past

Look so even if you can go back in time and change things do you really expect to be able to make much of a difference? We're surrounded by implementations of probability-shaping optimization processes and they're not going to suddenly start doing sexy makeouts on the basis of a particularly clever turn of phrase most of the time.

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Rabish: You! Webcomic nerd! You work for me now!
Dr Quickly: GASP!

Dr Quickly: Well... okay, but you have to pay me... in sex!!

<< KICK! WHAP >>
Dr Quickly: GLEEP

Rabish: You! Webcomics nerd! You'll be working for ME now.
Dr Quickly: Okay!

Dr Quickly: Have a beautiful rose, boss!

Dr Quickly: GLEEP
<< CRAM! >>

Rabish: You! Webcomic nerd! You work for ME now!!
Dr Quickly: Whatever.

Rabish: Surly, eh? Not bad!
Dr Quickly: R-really?

Dr Quickly: I mean, uh... what-EV-er.

Rabot: Your webcomic gets too many hits now! It's FAMOUS!!

Rabish: An award! Mine!!

Rabish: I do!
Dr Quickly: Unless...

Dr Quickly: Ugh. I give up... on time travel.
<< smooch! >>

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