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2009-07-06: Patchstravaganza

A 24-hour comic I drew from 10:30am 6 June 2009 to 7:30am 7 June 2009, using suggestions from Patch the Jester submitted 18 August 2008 to 10 April 2009. The first suggestion was picked ahead of time. The rest of the suggestions were printed on cards, shuffled, and used in that random order. No advance planning of the story was performed, nor were suggestions checked more than two pages in advance. The story was sketched first, over five hours, in a sketchbook. Over the next 7 hours, panels and rough sketches were pencilled onto all 24 pages. The rest of the time was spent inking the pages with Windsor & Newton Pitt artist pens in various colours and tips.

This comic is in the storyline:

This begins a storyline which spans the following comics:

2009-07-06 Patchstravaganza
2009-07-06 Patchstravaganza Page 1: Suggestion
2009-07-08 Patchstravaganza Page 2: Legality
2009-07-10 Patchstravaganza Page 3: Trophy
2009-07-13 Patchstravaganza page 4: Missed the Bus
2009-07-15 Patchstravaganza Page 5: Hamburgers
2009-07-17 Patchstravaganza Page 6: Zoo Work
2009-07-20 Patchstravaganza Page 7: Exorcism
2009-07-22 Patchstravaganza Page 8: Detox
2009-07-24 Patchstravaganza Page 9: Reaffirmation
2009-07-27 Patchstravaganza Page 10: Taffy
2009-07-29 Patchstravaganza Page 11: Hiding
2009-07-31 Patchstravaganza Page 12: Flatus
2009-08-03 Patchstravaganza Page 13: Wedding
2009-08-05 Patchstravaganza Page 14: Time Travel
2009-08-07 Patchstravaganza Page 15: Eating
2009-08-10 Patchstravaganza Page 16: Sponges
2009-08-12 Patchstravaganza Page 17: Frog Blast The Vent Core
2009-08-14 Patchstravaganza Page 18: Teamwork
2009-08-17 Patchstravaganza Page 19: Burger Break
2009-08-19 Patchstravaganza Page 20: Plant Overrun
2009-08-21 Patchstravaganza Page 21: Bat Attack!
2009-08-24 Patchstravaganza Page 22: Big Fight
2009-08-26 Patchstravaganza Page 23: Bite
2009-08-28 Patchstravaganza Page 24: Conclusion

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