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A Sunrise Inspires (idle entertainment for the nigh-immortal)

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2010-03-08: A Sunrise Inspires (idle entertainment for the nigh-immortal)

Not the end

This week's comics will tell a single story.

I have a new incentive to shew you folks, but I can't log in to Top Web Comics. Maybe if I link it as an incentive incentive, you'll go vote anyway? So here's the incentive you WOULD get and here's the place to go vote. Rock on!

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This begins a storyline which spans the following comics:

2010-03-08 Idle Entertainment for the Nigh-Immortal
A Sunrise Inspires (idle entertainment for the nigh-immortal)
2010-03-10 A Sunrise Inspires (three hundred and fifty thousand years later)
2010-03-12 A Sunrise Inspires (rediscovery of an ancient hobby)

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Rabid: Lovely!
Dr Quickly: It's been a long time since I saw a different sun rise...

Dr Quickly: The first 100% post-consumer reclaimed materials space ship!!
Rabid: Is that gonna be safe?

Rabid: "My ship has broken apart; luckily I had the foresight to pack a properly made space suit...

Dr Quickly: Drifting aimlessly through interstellar space, slowly freezing solid, surrounded by my ship's debris cloud, I thought to use the last trickle of suit battery to send my old friends a message. Later!

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