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Best Of: Mustard Genie (is the hardest part of the level)

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2010-09-13: Best Of: Mustard Genie (is the hardest part of the level)

Best Game

One of the first mentions of my site by a New Reader -- someone I had no personal knowledge of, someone who found my work on their own -- was by Joey Manley who liked it just fine! That was amazing, to me, at the time. Years ago. It still amazes me.

But I went back a few months ago, and discovered that the first comment on that post refers to a cartoonist who I hadn't heard of until this last winter: Lewis Trondheim. See, I was looking for a comic for a kid for Winter Holiday Gift Exchange, and the kind folks at the Beguiling suggested the DUNGEON (zenith) series.

Well it turns out that I completely adore Trondheim's art, and would happily draw like that guy from now on.

So here's a comic, drawn just BEFORE finding out about Trondheim, that comes oddly closer to that flat-line style than most of anything else I've drawn. And, despite not having any fancy time-consuming brushwork (in fact, it was drawn with a fountain pen) it has a whole lot of character. It doesn't hurt, I suppose, that it's got somewhat of a euro-comic colour palette.

Thematically, I was just reminded the other day that early novels were pulp trash full of violent exploitation. And now they're a rich and amazing art form! It gives me hope that some day I'll be able to sit down at a video game console and not feel like a total creep. Here I am making formally constrained art (sometimes I still toy with applying to join OUBAPO) with reader suggestions, but video games are explicitly about "formal constraints" in player action and agency. Fascinating! And, mostly, about disembowelling. Oh well.

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Originally posted 2009-11-04

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