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Fresh Dough / My new job kind of sucks...

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2005-08-02: Fresh Dough / My new job kind of sucks...

Noodles and cussing

Noodles are one of my favourite things. (Robots, Sandwiches, Dumplings... the list goes on but remains ridiculous) I wish someone owed me noodles. I want noodles. I had a great big dinner and I still want to go cook some noodles.

Cussing is kind of one of my favourite things that I am ashamed of. A good cuss is a wonderful thing. Normally I try to be more creative than falling back on the standard "four-letter words" (pear, blot, stab, loaf, and "DVDs") but sometimes it is nice to just scream out some bad language and let the world know that you are in a foul mood.

Anyway, the second comic today has a swear word in it, so if you are a young child or carry a sensitive soul, mentally replace the second-last word in today's second comic with "UNPLEASANT".

On further consideration, that would have been a funnier bit of dialogue. Shit.

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{{title-text: Fresh Dough}}


Rabid: I'm not looking for... noodles... I'm looking for money.

Space Frog: WHAT? I don't owe you ANYTHING!

Space Frog: ... except noodles.

 {{title-text: My new job kind of sucks...}}

[[I'm sitting in a cubicle, talking on the telephone.]]
Me: Yeah -- I got this new job -- no -- no, I get paid for making myself feel bad.

My Boss: Well, Nick, you've been doing such a good job and clocking so much overtime, we've decided to give you a raise!

Me: What GOOD does it DO me when my LIFE is SHIT?!

My Boss: Attaboy!

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