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But I don't FEEL special!

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2005-11-04: But I don't FEEL special!

Film school

You should see what foley artists have to go through to make my comics...

Hey, I was working on a new back-end, wasn't I? I forgot about that. I should finish that up.

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[[Dr Quickly's upper half is on the floor a few feet away from his lower half. Blood everywhere. The lower half of his torso squirts huge gouts of blood.]]
Dr Quickly: Oh dear! I seem to have stepped too close to the 'device'!!

Rabid: Hey Doc! What's up?
Dr Quickly: Get away from me, Rabid!

Rabid: What, you have some sort of FALLING IN HALF disease? Ha ha, don't worry, I'll wear gloves!

Rabid: Now just... HGAK!!
Dr Quickly: Bah! I warned you!

Dr Quickly: Don't worry, kids! That last comic was all SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Dr Quickly: Fancy tricks to confuse your eyes! Like, uh, a magician or a jerk!

Dr Quickly: First, we cloned copies of ourselves and 'speed aged' them in my CLONE CHAMBER!!"

Dr Quickly: While the clones grew, we used HYPNOTIC INDUCTION to imprint their few lines of dialogue.

Dr Quickly: Here's the clone of me! It stopped struggling to stay alive, oh, a couple hours ago now. Neat, eh?

Dr Quickly: Don't worry! Clones have no souls! And as such the 'pain signals' they received were just incomprehensible NOISE!

Dr Quickly: Not to mention that they never learned to care -- why would we teach them that?!

Dr Quickly: Now, be good boys or girls! Because if you aren't, you might end up working in... SPECIAL EFFECTS!

[[The top half of the clone-Rabid's head lies lifeless in a pool of blood.]]

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